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Forgive UPP’s Frankie Meyers! He was misunderstood

  1. I forgive Frankie Meyers, and his ignorant racist statements, because I am a very forgiving person.
  2. Frankie put his foot in his mouth, he’s used to having cawk in his mouth, so I understand his confusion.
  3. Frankie Meyers was born cock-eyed, and without a brain. His brain is Joseph Richardson. According to my sources, Joe for So.. is ill and off island, so he wasn’t their to guide dotin’ Frankie
  4. Frankie was funded by his pimp brother Toochie, and yet you people expect some type of moral or ethical compass when it comes to his campaign?
  5. Joseph should only have Frankie read from a teleprompter, but apparently Frankie is illiterate, can’t read – so that would not have been the solution
  6. Frankie damaged his party the UPP with his ignorant statements, but since I thrive off of the misery of all politicians, that’s alright with me
  7. Frankie’s statement reflects, FRANKIE! Frankie is such a dumb cock-eyed cunt, he forgot that his LEADER is NOT BLACK!
  8. Back to my yoga meditations
  9. frankie

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