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As we are now in the final phase, of this 2016 Election Campaign, I am forced to make a, definite, final decision as to with which one of my endorsed candidates to continue in this last lap of the race and to be the person for whom I will cast my vote.

I have been following all of these candidates very closely … some longer than the other, ….. looked at their track records, potential, passion for doing right by the People and ability to focus on key issues plaguing this Country, primarily, social/infrastructural/youth/employment/general Waste Management/Education etc. etc. issues, in other words, as we would call it, ….. D Local issues.

I must say that though they come from various backgrounds, have somewhat differing manifestos, educational levels and professional interests, I find them all to be strong potential candidates in being part of “the positive” team we are seeking in Parliament and Government in general. Supported by the right team players they most definitely can “start” fixing many of the ills we face and move this Country forward in a positive light.

I also followed their various political parties and leaders very closely in order to make this final decision. I take this election very serious and therefore invested much time in trying to keep up with the many factors which would enable me to choose just 1 person out of these 10 candidates.

I therefore ask you to take a serious look at all of these persons when making your final decision and if on a party list that you are supporting I can assure you that you cannot go wrong in casting your vote for anyone of them.

I hereby would like to wish them all much success tomorrow and May the Good Lord continue to bless them in their endeavors.

SOURCE: Marie Louis

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