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PPA’s Cleopatra “Day Day” Halley’s take on the election and allegations of vote buying

Good evening everyone. Well, although the votes wasn’t sufficient for PPA to get a seat it was quite an experience. In general, I have gotten to know a lot of people better and it is truly sad to know of how unfortunate so many are here on St. Maarten. Many confessed to me that they were offered “good money” for their Votes. It’s sad because the economy is to bad right now that our people are in dire need and I truly understand one would sell a vote today. THIS IS WHAT SXM HAS COME TO, Politics has become a business. Families and children are starving each day, kids are going to school empty handed with no food, drink or snack, so to accept a bribe for a Vote – I am sure the reasoning justifies the means.


I contested in the election to implement the energy policy for our people. Was accepting this bribe for your VOTE the best decision? NO! and here’s why. Let’s say your received $300 for your VOTE. Let’s do some math: $300 / 365 [days per year] (1 year) this equates to $0.82 per day. Had I been elected and succeed with my objective of implementing sustainable energy on St. Maarten for the entire community (and not a select few) and the motion was passed in parliament and the energy policy implemented. Example: The average household spends $250 per month on electricity (and that’s being conservative), let’s say I was able to cut this down to only a meter fee of $25.00 per month. Saving you $225.00 per month (if you put that in savings), you would have had $2,700 by the end of the year. So YES, you made a bad deal with selling the vote. However I understand why you did what you did.

cleopatra day day halley election sxm 2016

cleopatra day day halley election sxm 2016

By now, I am sure that money you were given is already gone but month end is almost here. When you get your next GEBE Bill and you see that fuel clause, remember me. Who will accept my challenge!? The same politician that gave you $300 during the election for your Vote. I want you to confront this individual and ask them to pay your Electric Bill. Starting the end of this month and every month thereafter and let’s see how many of them will HELP YOU or better yet, how they will treat you. If you’re a revolutionist, please have this recorded and post it on Facebook because you weren’t only bribed and taken advantage of, you and your family were robbed!

Reality check 101, THEY WILL NOT HELP YOU! Don’t be mad, YOU did what you felt was right at the time.

God Bless St. Maarten.

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