St Maarten Legalized Prostitution and A False Sense of Security

St Maarten Legalized Prostitution and A False Sense of Security

  1. The argument is not a moral one, most people (myself included) do not care if a woman- or a man- chooses to sell themselves for money. It doesn’t matter whether you agree with something or not, if it’s none of your business.
  2. There is more than one issue. One huge issue is that OUR GOVERNMENT OWNS THESE BROTHELS! There is a clear conflict. If you are a pimp or madam and you choose to run for office, you should be forced to give up any holdings or ties to your brothel.
  3. A bigger issue, would be the false sense of security presented to both locals and visitors alike concerning these ‘legal prostitutes’. The assumption is that because prostitution is government regulated, these (usually) female workers must be healthy and clean-WRONG!
  4. Look at the St Maarten infrastructure, the roads, drainage, sewage, buildings…… falling apart, no repairs, no upgrades. If you know how your government handles its most important responsibilities-(horribly) what makes you think that they are doing such a great job when it comes to regulating these females, and ensuring that they are healthy?
  5. Because members of Government own these brothels, and as Parliamentarians they also enact the laws and regulations concerning the brothels, they police themselves. They are the pimps, therefore they have no one to answer to.
  6. As a top tourist destination, St Maarten receives millions of tourists each year. On some days the tourists on the island outnumber the locals exponentially. The majority of brothel customers are not locals, but are tourist or cruise ship employees.
  7. Because the majority of customers are from every country on earth, the females are not just at risk for the known diseases, but are also at risk of exposure to any disease from any place on earth, because the majority of their clientele are also imported. From Ebola to the latest mutation of more common sexually transmitted diseases. As an international port, the local population are at risk of these new diseases being introduced daily, which they have no immunity to.
  8. They give clients a false sense of security, claiming regulations. So a guy might not dare pick up a street walker down at the corner, but he might feel it’s okay to use the brothel, because the girls are supposed to be ‘clean’.
  9. There is no guarantee that these girls are STD free, considering many STD’s such as HIV/AIDS can take months to show up in the blood stream.
  10. Testing also does not protect against STD’s that have yet to be discovered. And considering these girls cater to all nations, don’t be surprised, when you get a check up and the doctor surprises you with a postive test.
  11. Condoms are fallible. Men believe that a condom will protect them from all STD’s.. WRONG! It certainly does not prevent against Herpes Simplex I &II… which, like flesh eating bacteria can be transmitted via skin contact. Some condoms are also defective.
  12. Clients believe that because it is the house rule that condoms have to be used, all of the girls use condoms all of the time-WRONG! They are hookers, if a client pays more for condom free sex, he will have sex with her without a rubber.
  13. They pretend like these young females that are being imported make their own choices-WRONG! The majority of them are being pimped out by their governments. Usually Colombia and Venezuela… They are pimped out by their own families. Many are forced into prostitution to feed their entire families. They are usually the victims of sexual abuse, and are expected to ‘sex’ their way to St Maarten, meaning that in order just to get to St Maarten to prostitute, they have to sleep with a lot of customs, immigration, local authorities along the way, as a way of ‘paying their way to the island’.
  14. The St Maarten government has agreements with various South American government, and everybody is making cash off of these girls. Sex is a lucrative business. The females in return send thousands of American dollars back to their native countries, and everybody gets a cut.
  15. Upon arrival these females are supposed to be tested for diseases, but certain unscrupulous pimps REFUSE to finance the trips for females testing positive back to their countries. It cuts into their overhead. If females test positive for diseases, certain pimps will demand, that they “work their way back home”.
  16. You sometimes see those females, usually Eastern Europeans on the beach ‘working their way back home’. They are Caucasian, and can pass for tourists, but they are actually prostitutes brought from their homelands who did not make the cut, and have to work their way back.
  17. Many industrious American and European hookers make trips to St Maarten during the tourist season, and work the beaches, they earn big cash. They don’t get caught, because everyone assumes that they are tourist. Tourist who don’t know any better, assume that they are legal and ‘clean’.
  18. If you want to sell pussy, that’s your business… If you want to buy it, that’s your business. But please don’t make it seem that just because these girls are ‘regulated’ that they are any safer than any random girl off of the streets.
  19. Peter de Witte (Windster) Where is former St Maarten Police Chief Peter de Witte
  20. I’m using former Chief of Police, Peter de Witte’s photo in this blog, because Peter is the Patron Saint of Hookers in St Maarten. He marries them, impregnates them. Illegally got the Justice Minister to give them residence…. etc etc.



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