01 april 2015. Een overpeinzing. Casinokoning tevens maffiamaatje Francesco Corallo heeft via zijn advocaat mr. Gerard Spong Tweede Kamer lid Ronald van Raak (SP) vorige week gemaand om casinobaas Fra

Latest Updates Concerning Police and News Blogs, Sxm and Curacao Elections and more

The latest 1) I think that it is very important for people who do NOT get my sense of humor to stay off of my pages and blogs. It seems that sometimes people wake up in too good of a mood, so they go to my Facebook just so that they can find something to get mad about.

2) I have not received ANY money, so I cannot do anything….French dude keeps telling me that I got unopened mail downstairs. I keep telling him that they are bills, and I don’t open bills unless I have money to pay them- I can’t stress over stuff I have no control over.

3) The websites are CLEANED and back up, so the ‘hack warnings’ should disappear soon enough, Google has to re-check to make sure but all sites are cleaned.

4) Unlike some people, I don’t freak out when they hit the sites, because I have a lot of back up sites AND  my sites are not directly tied to my audience, so hitting my sites do nothing to affect my views or clicks. That’s why for the elections I focused on this site as I cleaned the other sites. Now that the elections are over. I have finished the security and cleaning on the sxmnewsnow, sxmnews1, sxmpolicenews, bestcarnivals and sxmtraveller sites.. Once Google gives the go ahead, I will publish as normal. Right now I’m mainly using sxmgovernment and caribbeannews1, along with sxmpolice and sxmpolice2 websites, so the other sites being temporarily down is annoying but nothing else.

5) I have to stay awake until at least 8pm today, so if I’m a little bit helter skelter, it’s because I’m sleep deprived. It doesn’t help that the neighbor evidently bays at the moon at three in the morning.

6) The best laid plans, can go awry – that’s why I have a lot of things planned and promised, but if certain things are not meant to be… there’s nothing that I can do.

6) I believe that I’m going to use the sxmtraveller site for nokturna videos etc etc.

7) I am trying to work out more and more each day, but on rainy days like this, there’s not much that I can do. I am tolerating my medicine somewhat better since the surgery, so that also helps.

8) There’s a lot of analysis, commentary and drama concerning the St Maarten elections. Like I did during the last elections, I will eventually post my opinions on the outcome of the elections etc.

9) The rescheduling of the Curacao elections is a coincidence 🙂

LOL! When it comes to the Curacao elections, I doubt that I will have the energy to cover it. It has nothing to do with Schotte being batshit crazy. I have a lot of catching up to do, and I want to focus more on my fitness and yoga blogs, than on politics and police.

10) I figured out that if I want something done right, I have to do it myself, which means more work for me, and less time to poke fun of Schotte and make him paranoid about ‘conspiracy theories’.

11) Because of the change of country, the illness, the surgery, the recovery, the site attacks, the Facebook hits, I have a lot of catching up to do and behind the scenes work.

12) I will remain pessimistic, cynical and as comforting as a wet blanket, because I firmly believe optimism simply opens you up for more disappointment….

13) There’s some serious Makamba obeah going on 🙂 lol!

14) As usual…… expect the unexpected. I’m out.


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