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So you can clean up St Maarten, but you can’t clean your own ass? We are Caribbean people, our leader is NOT GERMAN!

SP, VVD seek clarity on Ennia media reports while islanders seek clarity on their motives Ronald Van Raak Andre Bosman, Nardy Cramm

If you can publish public addresses, there’s no confidentiality.. right??? So where is this man’s Social Worker? How many times do we have to do her job for her? How many times have I talked this man out of jumping in front of the train? Staff can see who is drinking beer and smoking weed out there, but they can’t see him sitting there- talking OUT LOUD about jumping on the tracks? The bitch getting paid to look after him took her fat skunt on vacation, NO NOTICE to her clients. So now MY JOB is to talk people out of jumping in front of trains? So, I talked to him AGAIN, he leaves the train tracks and he goes and overdoses on pills and slashes his wrists… Who is responsible? Who is the WORKER being PAID to WORK for HIM??? I guess it’s easier to have a DEAD client than a SUICIDAL ONE, but why are they PAYING YOU? I am legally BLIND, but I spotted him by the train tracks for the MILLIONTH time. Now WHO is his Social Worker? Who is his THERAPIST? Who is being paid to be his DOCTOR? You bitches are so busy scheming behind the scenes y’all can’t do your fucking job! WHY DA FUCK I GOTTA GET YOUR CLIENTS FROM JUMPING IN FRONT OFTHE SPEEDING TRAIN? How many times do I have to talk him out of it, while y’all asses getting fatter and squarer sitting in y’all chairs, getting paid to plot but not fucking work??? Now send whoever- then have officer do nothing, show up to flirt but not work! This man is trying to kill himself, but y’all too fucking busy. I am sooo tired of this shit. Then you wanna focus on ME? Great! Now, let me focus on YOU!

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