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  1. According to our sources, after getting a list of Frans Richardson’s coalition demands, both Theo Heyliger and William Marlin decided that they would rather form a coalition government with Judith Roumou and her “I Hate The Entire SXM Government” political party, than with Frans’ fat, greedy ass.cropped-hmmm.jpg
  2. They said Frans demanded three Minister appointments, two Porsches, one Maseratti, four Lambourghini’s and a yacht.                                                   FRANS RICHARDSON JOINS THE UNITED PEOPLES PARTY- THE LATEST!
  3. Frans also demanded majority shares in Gibson’s “Burger King” franchise, so that he could enjoy his triple Whopper, bacon with Cheese burgers, and have it ‘his way’ – whenever he liked.

    boomsie boy Richard Gibson

    boomsie boy Richard Gibson

  4. Considering that the job title is ‘running the St Maarten Government, Frans felt that having FOUR convicted felons on his slate was an ‘asset.

    igit dutch sint maarten sxm elections final round

    Actual USP Candidates dutch sint maarten sxm elections final round

  5. When I told y’all that Sarah Wescot Williams was up late at night…drinking coffee, down at Dawn Beach… PLOTTING….y’all called me a liar!

    Various Candidates Demand Recount Dutch Sxm Sint Maarten Elections 2016

    Various Candidates Demand Recount Dutch Sxm Sint Maarten Elections 2016

  6. Don’t worry Theo and Willy, our dear Sistah Sarah is not done plotting your demise just yet. 🙂

    sarah 'the snake' wescot williams

    sarah ‘the snake’ wescot williams

  7. That vote recount was a farce. NO recount was  going to change a ten seat majority, but still people were getting all excited. Please, I wouldn’t even do the live feeds, because I knew that it was B.S.

    When Willy and Theo trying to catch sleep, Sarah's up scheming

    When Willy and Theo trying to catch sleep, Sarah’s up scheming

  8. Jacinto Mock knew that nobody would vote for him, so he put Elektra as a front, to fool the St Maarten people. We would HOPE that Jacinto learned his lesson, but he won’t. He’ll be back, with a new Black Face to front his slate in a few years.hope-party-jacinto-mock
  9. Holland’s worst nightmare appears to be coming true. Theo Heyliger is back in power, and it appears Schotte will take the majority during the Curacao elections.deja-vu
  10. It will be interesting to see where and how the Netherlands, Italian and American government spend that 21 million Euro Investigation, considering that they will have to arrest EVERYONE in the Curacao and St Maarten Government if they do as promised, and rid St Maarten of corruption. Which reminds me. Plasterk is supposed to be very sick, bless his heart. Evidently hypocrisy can make one nauseous …
    Ronald Plasterk Minister Jaap Van Der Heuvel Pimp Bada Bing Brothel

    Dutch Minister Ronald Plasterk and his pimp Jaap Van Der Heuvel owner Bada Bing Brothel


  11. Dear Sxm and Curacao Governments. Get your garlic ready. And if anyone shows up at your doorsteps, late at night with warrants… do not invite them in..
  12. Ronald Plasterk stomps up the sxm government's ass

    Ronald Plasterk bless his heart

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