Marcia Bouterse Tjon Ajong Associates and Company

Dear Millicent De Weever, Marcia Bouterse Tjon Ajong Associates and Company

millicent de weever marcia bouterse

millicent de weever marcia bouterse

The weather is getting colder, so now the scar is really bothering me enough to keep me awake. I came to Holland for more than one reason, but the main reason was surgery. For some reason, some islanders think that when you are in the USA or in Europe, you are living in a penthouse suite, driving a Porsche, eating Beluga caviar and drinking Dom Perignon champagne. They want to be jealous and envious because they are ignorant of the fact that you struggle more in a strange land than in your own country. Nobody in St Maarten has to worry about winter, hunger or homelessness. St Maarten is a tight knit community, nobody is going to starve, you will have a roof over your head. In a strange country, you’re surrounded by strangers who couldn’t give a shit about you, it is not a soap opera, it is very different than what some people fantasize. Then there are the ones, trying to take advantage of the fact that I was ill, that I was hospitalized. I can’t even think about those people without wanting to throw up. As I was being prepped for surgery, I was getting so called ‘urgent’ messages in my BED to phone the notary because people had already buried me six feet under, and were trying to divide property. Like I told Millicent de Weever and James and Jeffrey and the gang. I am NOT agreeing to ANYTHING, however I will have a notary and attorney here find out exactly what’s going on. Humans to me can be the most vile of animals. I survived eleven years with tumors, hemorrhaging, bruxism with impacted wisdom teeth, death threats, death attempts, jail and more. Millicent de Weever that land hungry, decrepit sister of Leroy de Weever, one of the people who had me falsely arrested, then DROPPED the charges -after they were proven to be bogus-bless her dear Christian heart, solely  because I offended her with the truth. Millicent had the NERVE to tell me that the property was not in good shape. Really, Milly? That’s because I never lowered myself to steal, sell out, or do a lot of things you people do in order to keep up a posh appearance. That’s because when I was ill, and your niece Cornelius de Weever was the Health Minister via NEPOTISM, I was REFUSED MEDICAL CARE IN MY OWN COUNTRY FOR YEARS! I’ve always struggled because I would NEVER lower myself to do what you and your family do in order to keep up appearances. According to the doctors, I cannot travel. According to legal counselors you CANNOT make me travel back based on one of your bullshit schemes. Somehow, Millicent – although you are in church twice on Sundays, you and your greedy family sold your souls to Satan a long time ago. I know my soul is more important than material wealth. When I was sick, beaten, dying, homeless, I NEVER stopped fighting, why should I stop fighting now? Why do I care what a person thinks of me because as a single income female living below the poverty line, with no support, I didn’t maintain the house and property up to YOUR specifications? Why do I care what a person who has everything but foreclosed property on their own children thinks of me? You and your family have tried everything! From assault, to theft, to trying to institutionalize me for writing the truth, even multiple arrests and jail, but I was never, ever charged with anything, not even a misdemeanor … and now you are still up to no stinking good. Millicent… You have your methods I have mine. I will follow DOCTORS’ orders and rehabilitate myself physically and mentally. I know it disappoints you and your corrupt family very much that I continue to exist, when Y’all had me six feet under years ago…. but that’s okay, Millie.. like I said… let your thoughts and hatred of me consume you and your entire family, gnaw you from the inside out, and eat you alive, you soulless beast. Start your shit with me again. When will your THIEVING BROTHER Leroy RETURN my stolen equipment, that he was caught on camera snatching from me, as he kneed me in a drunken rage? And he PAID off the Courts to acquit him, but you can never BUY innocence. There will be a SPEENTJESNOTARYSTEALSLAND.COM! MILLICENTLANDGREEDYMONEYHUNGRYGRUBBER.COM…I can think of and create a hundred sites just about YOUR dirty ass, not even including your brother and the rest of your wretched family. Enough people have spoken about Speentje’s Notary’s thieving ways… now it’s Tjon matter how often the name changes, the patterns have remained the same. You can continue to plot and do what you have to do. I will stay here and fixate on you. I have enough documents from enough people to create very successful sites. What did arresting me change, other than killing my animals? NOTHING! I RECORDED you on the phone telling me that I MUST CONTACT Marcia. There were two witnesses present for the phone call, YOU gave me Marcia’s email address, told me that I HAD to contact her, then I get a response from Marcia wanting to know why I contacted her.
What games are you playing, and do you really think that the Catholic Church is going to save your evil ass, when your only goal in life appears to be acquiring as much land as possible, and to destroy those who dare call you out on your b.s?
My house and yard are run down, but that’s because I wasn’t stealing to maintain a facade like a lot of you in ‘proper society’, and I went hungry as opposed to selling myself like most of you do in government.
I will go hungry, broke, no water, no lights, no nothing rather than  sell my body like a lot of you have done, and/or to sell my soul like you and your family has done.
I will continue to maintain my mother’s property, to the best of my ability, and until I can do a better upgrade, I will have to maintain it the best that I can, the only way I can, through honest work.
Millicent, we are family – something that makes me want to physically throw up, but waiting for me to be hospitalized and KNOWING that I was being prepped for surgery THEN demanding that I fly home -or else!- that was sinking low… even for you, Millie, and we all know that the depth of your greed is a bottomless pit….
But I guess that’s your natural habitat.
When I flip the script, I truly don’t give a shit who calls me crazy, because it is obvious to the majority of the true intellectuals, that there is NOTHING wrong with my brain, my logic or rationale. I am simply a person with a high IQ, and a LOW bullshit tolerance. Something that must really bother someone who has to scheme and steal for a living… a damn kleptomaniac, you can never have enough.
I don’t care about fancy job titles. So many of you have jobs but don’t work, while people like me bust their asses all day working, but without a paying job. But at least we contribute positively to society! My groups assist people in getting employment, establishing their own businesses, and selling without any overhead, just raw ambition.
I would rather invest in a computer course, or some camera equipment, than to buy a fancy dress or to primp my hair, staggering around in high heels, looking like an aging tranny – and to superficial idiots like YOU, that’s a sign that something is wrong.
When I went to the Tweede Kamer, I went in my favorite jeans, and a comfortable shirt, with comfortable shoes.
Who the hell am I dressing to impress? Thousand dollar suits, but still hollow inside.
A lot of information is reaching me on a daily basis Millicent, you’ve got your sources, but I’ve got mine. And you have way more enemies than I, because unlike you I have not made a living off of land and property grabs.
You need to be retiring, and taking care of your grand babies rather than trying to get at me, someone with very little to nothing.
You’ve spent your life doing whatever it takes, ethical or unethical. Moral or immoral to get where you are in life.
Maybe you should retire and enjoy what you’ve achieved as opposed to fucking with me, because at any given moment, you WILL push the right button, and I will give you and your lunatic family a reason to call me crazy! Show me your STUPID greed, and I will show you the crazy!
As family, I’ve known you since I went to Catholic school with your son, Carlos ‘Boogie’ Lopez. Same class, for years. Who would have thought that such a beautiful, ambitious, powerful woman who we all saw as a role model as kids, someone who we would admire every day, would turn into a bitter old grasping hag?
Rather than trying to take what little I have, or trying to catch me when you think that I’m too weak and ill to fight back…….
I suggest that you head on over to your REAL CHURCH… “Jump Up Casino”, where you like to spend your days, sitting at the Diamond Penny Slot machine, right next to the women’s bathroom!
You spend more time playing those slot machines than you do in church, and somehow you are better than anyone else?
Then you have the nerve to harass me while I’m sick, AFTER FILING THEN DROPPING FALSE CHARGES AGAINST ME? Killing my animals, because that was supposed to break and kill me?
The fact that I still stand, must tell you and your alcoholic brother that I am STRONGER!
You can fool the people at the Catholic Church on Front Street, but you can’t fool me, because you’re at the Casino more than you are in church, and that’s probably why with as much as you have, you are still trying to get more.
You people try to whitewash your lives, and you do your best to keep up appearances, but your cover has been blown. And no jail in the world is going to change the fact that I exposed you and your corrupt brother Leroy de Weever and your family for the devious crooks that you are.
Keep trying what you’re trying, Millie…..
And I will stay up late at nights, typing 120 words per minute on your ass.
Everything done in the darkness, will eventually come to light…. and the legacy you and your family tried so hard to maintain and retain-that thinly layered facade of civility, has been exposed… blown!
Now you have a nice day Millie, and when Marcia figures out why YOU had me contact her, ask her to send me a quick email, to let me know why you think that it’s a good idea to try to come after me, when it’s obvious, that I’m not done with you or your family, and I never will be.

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