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Photos St Maarten Helps Haiti To Recover From The Devastation Of Hurricane Matthew

Jelen Coulanges will be PERSONALLY flying to Haiti to ensure all goods are delivered to those in need.

Good evening everyone, due to what happened in Haiti many victims are in dire need, they are in bad shape. Therefore I am looking forward to your assistance with good used clothing, canned foods, water whatever you can bless Haiti with let us bless them by contributing to this tragic moment. thank you in advance. you can reach me at 5242209 or on Facebook jelen coulanges.
To Contact Jelen

Jelen Coulanges

Bonsoir pep mwen yo nou konin soufrance Haiti kounia anpil victim men map mande nou pou nou pran kouraje, map mande nou pou nou bay yon donation si se rad si se manger nan mamit dlo mwen disponib poum resevouwa yo poum voye yo Haiti bay pep la ki ap endure soufrance sa jodia a nou kanpe solid lakay se lakay. pou nou jwen mwen relem sou 5242209 chachem sou Facebook merci Bondye ap Beni nou pou sa.

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