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SXM Police News Blogs Are Back With The Latest – Until The Next Attack

sxm kpsm st maarten police news

sxm kpsm st maarten police news

The St Maarten Police News Websites and blogs are back up. You know that the Melee is juicy, when they bring down the police site. But you also know the routine by now. When they hit, go to… or or or or or . You have your choice of over 100 facebook pages, over 50 facebook profiles, over 100 facebook groups. Then don’t forget we are on twitter, pinterest, tumblr, reditt, linkedin, snapchat, whatsapp, Instagram,linked in etc etc etc…
Right now the top story is the disappearance of Manoel Maranges. He disappeared upon arrival in St Martin December 2013, he was never seen or heard from again, now his parents have hired a private investigator. The Government continues its war Vs the Zika mosquitos, Sarah Wescott Williams is harassing Theo and Willy head. Photos and videos of the Ambulance explosion and fire and the fire at the apartment building in Cayhill that destroyed all of those homes. Also the Attorney General of Curacao is insisting that Head of the Secret Police Michael Romer (VDC) is not under investigation for pulling a gun on somebody. The Rock Church is having their annual walkathon. They are raising funds for the Haitian Relief following Hurricane Matthew. IMM is opening up a new Caribbean Base in St Maarten. The Dominican Government visited the St Maarten Government, just to cut some style on the taxpayer dollar. The blogs are also getting ready for carnival 2017. You know St Maarten – All Carnival, all the time. The Catholic church is also doing a fundraiser for Haiti. The lady who carjacked the police got 200 days in jail. They busted some 15 year old extortionist. I haven’t heard a word from Frans since Willy horn him with Theo. Sarah is the only one up, propped up by Emil……
and yada…yada… yada.


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