Insel Air Under Fire Once Again Due To Customer Complaints Saint Martin

MARIGOT Haitian businessman Moise Agenor has condemned InselAir for not keeping passengers informed over delays or technical issues, his grievance adding to a growing number of complaints about the airline recently.

Agenor was referring to cancellation of an InselAir flight to Haiti from on Saturday, October 8, and the calling of police to quell an angry crowd of passengers.
Cancellation of the flight, already on the tarmac, was due to a technical problem but from 9:00am to 7:30pm that day passengers were left in the dark with nobody from the airline coming out to talk to them, Agenor claims.

“Insel has no respect for the Haitian community and we are very good clients for them,” said Agenor. “We are treated so badly and somebody has to do something about it. There is always a problem with this airline; times are not respected or there are technical problems. The Government needs to look into this company. It is not the first time this is happening.

“We can understand if the plane cannot fly because of a technical problem but at least someone has to talk to or call the passengers to offer solutions. After waiting all day at the airport with no news the passengers called the police. This cannot happen, it is crazy. No vouchers were offered and passengers had to pay their own taxis to go home again.”

Attempts to call an Insel representative Sunday evening to respond to the complaint were unsuccessful.

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insel air st maarten

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