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USM St Maarten Takes On Europe!

USM takes on Europe SXM St Maarten info…

usm takes on europe sxm st maarten info

usm takes on europe sxm st maarten info

Today we have the pleasure to present to you the first BTEC Accredited Hospitality Class of the University of St. Martin (USM).
In the picture, we are proudly presenting our Food Handlers Food Safety Certificate, also known as a HACCP Certification.
HACCP stands for Hazard Analysis Critical Control Points.
The HACCP Certification is an international standard defining the requirements for effective control of food safety. It is built around principles: Conduct Hazard Analysis of biological, chemical or physical food hazards.
This Certification was made a requirement due to our four (4) week Internship that has been completed at various hotels throughout the island, and our three (3) month Internship to fulfil that will commence in January of 2017.
By possessing this Certification, we were able to successfully hold a Food Fundraiser early in the year.
We are the face of a successful progression for the island of St. Maarten. In fact, the island’s main income is heavily reliant on Tourism. By supporting us, you are also contributing to your island.
Let’s do this together !

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