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Goodbye Forever KLM 747-400 Landing And Takeoff, PJIA Princess Juliana International Airport SXM St Maarten

I posted this story several weeks ago, some thought that it was an insignificant post.To my surprise, many – especially tourists and vacationers shared the posting, and had many comments.
Now the story is more mainstream. One of the airplanes that gave St Maarten its stature, what made the St Maarten airport (in)famous were the landings and takeoffs of KLM’s Boeing 747.
Many fans are now expressing their sadness and dismay that the airplane is being retired.
There are many in the Caribbean Online News Network posting their own stories.
I am using a different laptop, one that I haven’t used since November 2016, so I might not have quick access to all info and photos, but I’ll try my best, to post the best landings and takeoff photos and videos of the KLM 747.
Although the blogs are fully up and running, I am not.
Many have been inboxing me to find out if I’m okay. I am okay, but you know that it’s a long story.
However I will continue the blogs and vlogs…

st maarten sxm airport sandblasting

st maarten sxm airport sandblasting

One of the most exciting places in the world to float around in crystal clear waters and tan on pristine beaches and simultaneously watch a Boeing 747-400 fly over the top of you, meters high while landing, is on Maho beach on final at Juliana Airport on St. Maarten.
On 28 Oct. KLM made its last flight there with the jumbo and the last spectacular landing drew a huge crowd waving KLM flags and hats issued by the Dutch Airline. Seen from the water it paints a spectacular if not alarming image. When the aircraft back track on the short runway for take-off, they often blow a handful of tourists off the beach and into the water . -Hank Ebes



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