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Deadline For Logo Competition Extended

The Ministry of Education Culture, Youth and Sports is hereby announcing that the deadline for the logo competition has been extended until December 21st 2016.  Last month the Ministry launched a logo competition for its ICT in Education project entitled iSTEP.  iSTEP stands for “Inspiring our Students with Technology in Education Project” and aims to include our youngsters proactively in the project, starting with a logo competition. The competition is open to all 5th and 6th graders (Group 7 and 8) of all elementary schools and 1st and 2nd formers of all secondary schools on Dutch Sint Maarten. The winning prize of the competition is an Apple IPAD and to up the ante, the winning school also gets an ICT device as a prize! The Ministry is urging the schools and parents to encourage students to participate in the competition as the logo will form a fundamental part of a pivotal project in our community.  The project involves the implementation of ICT devices such as tablets, document cameras, scanners, interactive projectors just to name a few and signals the movement of our schools stepping into the digital age.
Please visit the following link; to view all the competition rules and design requirements. For questions regarding the competition and/or the project, please feel free to email the iSTEP team at Entries should be submitted digitally to

Deadline For Logo Competition Extended

Deadline For Logo Competition Extended silveria jacobs constitution day

silveria jacobs constitution day Deadline For Logo Competition Extended

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