St Maarten Border War: The Unethical French Authorities Vs. The Criminal Dutch Authorities

Photos+ Videos St Maarten Border War: The Unethical French Authorities Vs. The Criminal Dutch Authorities

Today I’ll be spending most of the time, I guess translating Italian to English documents, concerning a one Mr Francesco Corallo Sr and a one Mr Francesco Corallo Jr. I also have to translate French to English. That concerns the French Saint Martin + Dutch Sint Maarten border conflict. I will blog about it, but to keep it short, sweet and simple…..

French St Martin dominated Dutch Sint Maarten, until the Euro. With the advent of the Euro, Dutch Sint Maarten wisely chose to stick with the Antillian Guilder/Gulden and the American Dollar. The French economy sunk with the Euro, and now French St Martin is the poorest territory within the French sovereign states. (St Barths is the wealthiest).

Anyway, sometimes the French get flashbacks to the good old days and try to use their assumed superiority against Dutch Sint Maarten. The Dutch Sint Maarten’s response is… “You need us, we don’t need you! You have to come over here, we don’t have to go to the French side”. So the French authorities, the gendarmes and police etc, will get unethical with the Dutch police. The Dutch police’s response is usually to go straight criminal on them.

I mean felonious criminal-no style.

That’s how The Gendarmes end up with slashed tires, beat downs etc. A few months ago didn’t the French Gendarmes have to cross the border, into enemy territority (Dutch Maho Bay) to RESCUE one of their colleagues, who had been caught by the Dutch police without backup, down there? The Dutch police called it a ‘kidnapping’, I guarantee you, no one on earth has ever been so happy to be ‘kidnapped’. The French RESCUED one of their boys, before The Dutch KPSM police department could get a hold of him, and throw him into jail.They would have ensured that his cellmates would be a bunch of Gendarme haters.

And the Gendarmes can’t depend on the local French police; the Police Municipale and Police Territorial, because they hate the Gendarmes too. That rescued gendarme needs to kiss his colleagues ass on an hourly basis, because You know the KPSM boys were rubbing their batons eagerly, salivating in anticipation of beating that Gendarmes ass once they got him downtown to E. Camille Street.

KPSM Politie has EARNED their title “Da Dutty Dutch Bwoyz”
It’s not that the French Authorities are any better than the Dutch, it’s just that the Dutch police don’t really mind going to prison if you cross them, and all you have to do is read the Latest Police & Crime Bulletins to see that what I say is true.
If a Dutch officer gets caught up, he is given the option of Point Blanche, St Maarten (surrounded by family, friends and the prison guards who are also considered to be police officers) He has the option of a vacay in Aruba, Bonaire, Curacao, or even maybe a European vacation to the Netherlands, where he can chill and enjoy Europe’s historical culture.
If a French Gendarme gets caught up, he might end up in Guadeloupe’s notorious Basse Terre (translation: Bottom of the ground), a hell hole of a prison that I believe actually made the Guinness Book of World Records at one point for being the WORST prison on earth.


St Maarten Border War: The Unethical French Authorities Vs. The Criminal Dutch Authorities

The French people also loathe the Gendarmes with a passion, and treat them like foreign occupiers… Check out these photos and videos that I took of the French protestors before I ran for the Dutch Border:

French St Martiners Vs The Gendarmes 1
And here are 200+ more photos of the French St Martiners Vs The Gendarmes for the BTP Protest: French St Martiners Vs The Gendarmes Two 200 More photos + Videos

When I saw the French St Martiners begging the Gendarmes for a fight, I decided that it was a French problem, and I got to the Dutch Cole Bay border in record time… If  you want me to shoot French St Martin photos and videos, I will zoom in from the Dutch side… Merci.

Then on St Maarten’s day and on Unity Day, they all put on their sharpest uniforms (both French and Dutch), grin with each other for the camera as they plot each others demise.

Then march around in circles all day…









So Yeah, Italian and French translations today, if I can.


St Maarten Border War: The Unethical French Authorities Vs. The Criminal Dutch Authorities

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