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Is the St Maarten Government officially down?

A solid source contacted the blog about an hour ago with the news that the St Maarten government was officially down.

That would be no surprise and the hurricane weather is the perfect distraction.

Did the doctor bail?

Has Brownbill had enough?

What is clear, is that something big has occured behind the scenes, but until there’s verification, it’s just more sxm political speculation.

Bloggers can opine and speculate, I am speaking to people in the know behind the scenes, any breaking info will be posted here and at FB.

From Marcel Gumbs. Melissa Gumb’s new party. Nepotism thrives.


(This post is not for those who don’t want to read 😂😂😂)

The meeting with Dutch State Secretary Knops which will now take place on Wednesday, Sept 25 from 10-11 am.

This meeting will be streamed live via FB, radio and one can attend in the public tribune.

Opposition so busy with focusing on this meeting that they forget we don’t have a majority in parliament. 😂😂😂

They forget to try to form a Coalition with God knows who. I heard all rumors this week. Except SMCP joining anyone and Thank God for that. 😂😂😂

First my Pink pants had them distracted, now it is the meeting with Knops. Mission accomplished 😂😂😂

Poor me, just doing what I need to do as MP to bring the very same person to Parliament which they have spoken over and over about for the last year. 😂😂😂

Some of the very same opposition MPs even suggested to the PM via the Chair that Knops should come to Parliament, others said Knops was the PM of SXM but today they Crybawling for the PM to come because we not accountable to Knops. 😂😂😂

My message to the opposition is don’t show up to the meeting if you feel you don’t need to attend. That remains your choice. You can even motivate your reason for being absent and book it in with Parliament.

But definitely you won’t take away SMCP right in Parliament to call a meeting, supported by two MPs as the rules of order prescribes, to enlighten the people and create an open dialogue on the reconstruction process which directly involves the Dutch.

But I know why they really upset. 😂😂😂

I challenge the opposition to come and tell Knops to his face what they have been saying via the meetings they called with the COM.

Tell Knops to his face keep your trust fund money and liquidity support.

Tell Knops what PLAN B is and that you want INDEPENDENCE.

Each member of Parliament will have time to use as they see fit during that meeting.

I intend to use my time to ask some questions.

So far as my support for this Government, by now I am pretty sure people know that I support the PM fully and the Ministers in the COM. Even any Minister I believe is creating the lack of cohesion until further notice. I remain accountable for that support also.


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