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Latest From The Netherlands: Government Sint Maarten falls for the ninth time in ten years

The government of Sint Maarten has fallen. The cabinet of Prime Minister Leona Marlin-Romeo no longer had a majority after the departure, early this month, of MP Franklin Meyer and now loses two more seats in the parliament.

Marlin-Romeo has sent the parliament home and new elections are coming. It is not yet known when they will be.

Sint Maarten has been an independent country within the Dutch Kingdom since 2010. It is the ninth time in ten years that the government has fallen from the country. The parliament only has fifteen seats, and coalitions often rely on a tight majority. The power of a seat is therefore great.

The two parliamentarians who have now canceled their support are Chanel Brownbill and Luc Mercelina of the United Democrats. Both continue to retain their seat as independent States members.

Brownbill said it decided because of the “uncertainty in the country”. Mercelina, in turn, believes that hardly any progress is being made in the reconstruction of the island. According to him, poverty on the island has increased.

Former Prime Minister

Former Prime Minister William Marlin, now in opposition, immediately announced a new coalition after the two were announced. His National Alliance would have a majority along with Brownbill, Mercelina and the USP of Francis Richardson, who was arrested this month on suspicion of abuse of power, bribery and forgery.

But because Prime Minister Marlin-Romeo sent the parliament home, the former Prime Minister’s plan was canceled.

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