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Employee embezzles 10.000 from senior he was assisting


An elderly person, PE, realized that she was running out of money in her bank account. She informed her son who contacted the bank to clarify the situation. He was able to consult, by using an ATM machine the cash receipts but not the transactions; the receipts showed no irregularities. The client’s advisor explained that bank statements are sent electronically every month. The son was astonished since his mother does not have an email address. He discovered that the owner of this address is BP, the person who comes a few hours a day to help his mother, disabled and in a wheelchair, when his father is absent.

It turns out that BP regularly diverted funds to herself. A complaint was filed against her at the gendarmerie. BP, a 48-year-old mother of six, is being sued for fraud against a vulnerable person between October 2017 and October 2018. She appeared in St. Martin’s Criminal Court Thursday (September 19th).

At the bar, BP explained that she had been authorized by the victim (deceased since the facts) to make the transfers. She said that it had been recorded that she had to collect the sum of 900 euros each month in return for her services but that in the end PE gave her only 275 euros. This amount is confirmed by the children of the victim present at the hearing. “It was noted on a notebook,” says the son who, however, denies the 900 euros. “My mother had a pension of 800 euros, how could she pay 900 euros? He asks.

BP insisted: the victim had asked her to make transfers equivalent to the difference. An argument that the vice-prosecutor refutes: “the difference is 625 euros or the records show transfers of a total of 900 euros per month.” The defendant still maintained her remarks.

“Since [the victim] did not want her son and her husband to see what she was doing with her money, she had asked me to make the transfers,” says BP, who explains that she then called the bank to make the move. “It’s a absolutely a laissez faire bank ! She used the telephone to send the access codes to the accounts and bank statements of one of her customers to another person without even checking the identity of it! “Denounced the deputy prosecutor. “You should change banks,” he says to the victim’s son.

BP generally made three transfers a month, one of which was 500 euros. This actually corresponded to the housing allowance the victim received for the housing she rented to BP. Indeed, the defendant lives in the same building as PE and is her tenant; CAF paid the allowance directly to the owner. Note that BP also received family allowances up to 1,600 euros.

The analysis of the bank statements revealed that BP also made transfers to the account of her companion who is the victim’s cousin. For these facts, however, she has no explanation and acknowledges her wrong.

In total, BP took out in the space of five months on the account of PE 10,250 euros in her favor and 4,900 euros in favor of her companion. The children who have joined the civil court alongside their father, estimate the damage to more than 50,000 euros, money insurance benefits received after Irma, would also have been stolen. The part of this case was returned on civil interest at a later date.

The deputy prosecutor has required twelve months of suspended sentence. After deliberation, the court sentenced her to 12 months’ imprisonment, six of which were suspended with probation, including the obligation to compensate the victims (children and spouses) and the prohibition of an activity. in connection with persons with disabilities for a period of five years.étourne-plus-de-10-000-euros-du-compte-bancaire-dune-personne-âgée-à?fbclid=IwAR14eZT0RvkKLJmUvMv5__A1njR6GAoVAh4DmfPIp6xJJZjBTzR1GpiMPXU

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