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Press Statement – MP Chanel Brownbill

Press Statement – MP Chanel Brownbill

When I gave the support to this current coalition, I stood by in support even in moments of dismay and never left the coalition. However, recent developments caused uncertainty in the country, with the government no longer having the support of a majority in Parliament.

In the weeks since the government lost its majority support, there has been no plan presented to me or my colleagues as to how the country will be able to move forward from the uncertainty created. For weeks, I waited and hoped that somehow we could have worked it out in the best interest of St. Maarten.

However, I have come to the conclusion that the differences within my former party are irreconcilable, and the uncertainty could in theory continue in perpetuity. While the title of my former party includes the “United”, as this unity no longer exists, I do not see myself being a part of this party any longer.
For this reason, I have decided to declare myself independent.



Combined Press Statement of the National Alliance & United St. Maarten Party
The Parliamentary factions of the National Alliance (NA) and United St. Maarten (US) party hereby inform the general public of the following:

The NA and USP could no longer sit by and allow the country to go through the turmoil caused by the decision of the former faction leader of the United Democrats (UD) Franklin Meyers to pull his support from his own government, the UD/SMCP coalition. As such, a broader coalition has been formed with likeminded representatives of the people who are truly putting St. Maarten first.
While the impasse was not of our making, we could not stand by and allow the country to be in a state of limbo or, as his Excellency the Governor Eugene Holiday recently stated in his address at the opening of the parliamentary year: “a cloud of uncertainty that is not in the best interest of the country.”
With the new coalition, a majority of nine, the country can look forward to a first major step in lifting that cloud of uncertainty. We are hoping that the Governor will appoint a formateur as soon as possible to ensure the process of truly rebuilding St. Maarten can begin at last. The people of St. Maarten deserve better than infighting in their government and uncertainty about their future.

The new majority is also looking forward to working with our kingdom partners on the basis of mutual respect and positive results for our people.

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