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UWP Castle Bruce candidate accuses DLP supporter of ‘malicious act’ of distortion at St Maarten townhall meeting

United Workers Party (UWP) Candidate for the Castle Bruce Constituency, Ernie Jno. Finn has condemned what she described as a malicious act by a Dominica Labour Party (DLP) supporter who she says, deliberately edited a statement which she made during a UWP town hall meeting in St. Maarten on Saturday, in order to distort its meaning.

“I need to condemn a malicious act that was done sometime last night or this morning,” she remarked while addressing Dominicans at a similar meeting in Antigua on Sunday night. “A Labour Party supporter back home or somewhere, I don’t know, edited, cut off the beginning of my statement and only used my voice saying, I do not want people to know that I am from Dominica.”

A check by Dominica News Online (DNO) of the original recording of the statement made in St Maarten revealed Jin. Finn as saying, “It is time that we join forces because we need to save our country. We need to rekindle that pride in Dominica because I know there are some people who say, ‘I don’t even want people to know I’m from Dominica.’ But with Team Dominica, when we get into office, under the leadership of the Honourable Lennox Linton, pride will come back to Dominica and you will be proud to be called nature islanders.”

Jno Finn added, “You will be proud again to be called Dominicans.”

She said this “act of desperation” is not going to stop her. “They are trying to bring Team Dominica and Ernie Lawrence-Jno Finn down; they will not succeed. No matter how hard they try, my crown will firmly [remain] on my head.”

Meanwhile Jno. Finn appealed to Dominicans in Antigua to help bring real change is coming to Dominica.

“We need your help,” she stressed. “My people I know you are in Antigua but your hearts are in Dominica, because you want to come back home, but the way things are at home, the way the economy is that does not make it possible for you to come home.”

However, the former educator gave the assurance that the UWP, under the leadership of Lennox Linton, will make things better, “so you can come back home.”

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