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Latest From The Netherlands Video/Audio CDA & VVD Want Administrative Intervention on St Maarten

ADMIN NOTE: I Will transcribe and translate audio today.

THE HAGUE – CDA and VVD are urging to intervene in the St Maarten administration. The two government parties are “seriously concerned” about the reconstruction now that the government has fallen there again.

The CDA and the VVD are frustrating that the reconstruction is being delayed due to political impasse on the island. “Millions are ready, but apparently they are unable to give substance to their collective interests on St Maarten.”

“I am very sorry to see how people are in danger of drowning and that I am not doing anything,” says Van Dam. “I think that as a Dutch parliamentarian – certainly in the direction of the Council of Ministers – I must take my responsibility.”

Parliamentary questions about possibilities to intervene The CDA and the VVD want to know from State Secretary Raymond Knops (Kingdom Relations) about the possibilities for administrative intervention from The Hague.

“I am very concerned about the reconstruction,” says VVD MP André Bosman. According to Bosman, it is in any case time for the Reich Council to “put the pressure on.”

“I sometimes feel that I am more concerned about the people of St. Martin than the drivers of St. Martin.”

Marlin-Romeo speech impresses The Hague
The now outgoing Prime Minister Leona Marlin Romeo gave a speech on television on Monday, in which she called out for new elections after several members of parliament had taken their seat.

Marlin-Romeo made various allegations against MPs. Among other things, the cabinet would work ‘in a culture of fear’ and the parliament urged the government to break the constitution. According to her, there are “influential people” outside of parliament who are actually in charge.

CDA MP Chris van Dam says he is ‘deeply shocked’ about Marlin-Romeo’s speech . “If a prime minister lists all of this, and in a way confirms the suspicions and rumors, I can’t keep my ears shut.”

Concerns about elections
On 25 November, Sint-Maarten will again go to the polls . “I am worried about the elections,” says Van Dam (CDA). “Because who is currently able to do the right thing on St Maarten? With nine cabinets in ten years, I am pretty sad about that. ”

Intervening just like on St. Eustatius?
The CDA flirts openly with administrative takeover, similar to how it went with Sint-Eustatius. The local government was dismissed by The Hague in February 2018, after a committee came to the conclusion that the special municipality ignored the law.

“I think it helped Statia enormously in advancing further as a country,” says Van Dam (CDA). “I do not know what is possible in the Kingdom compared to a separate country, but I do think the time has come to investigate.”

Intervention such as has happened on St. Eustatius ‘can be an option’, says VVD MP André Bosman, who has submitted the parliamentary questions together with the CDA. “I don’t exclude anything.”

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