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André Bosman Mr ‘Ethics’ Needs To Explain Known Dutch Prostitute Nardy Cramm And Why She Is Really Hiding.

I gave police statements in Geleen Oost, Utrecht and finally Leiden. That case in Leiden is still pending since I refused to settle with the police, I refused their monetary settlement.

André Bosman was very tight with prostitute in hiding Nardy Cramm.

Bosman was also using Bas Roorda, the same Bas Roorda kicked out of government for unethical acts while he was a representative.

Remember when Bosman and Van Raak were attached at the hips? Notice they are not so tight anymore?

Considering I am an anti government corruption blogger, why would the Tweede Kamer set me up at a known prostitutes villa? First thing I did when I arrived at Schiphol was to ask her if Edsel Gumbs was telling the truth when he said she was a yacht girl, a high rolling prostitute who worked the elite yachting circuit. She was known to customs as a coke mule, and this is who you entrust me to? All of the money my supporters sent to me had to go through her bank account, I had none and she took all that money, sent it to Edsel Gumbs in Curacao, went shopping with the rest and dumped me dying in a shelter. AND I WAS DYING!

The Leiden police held me for two days on false charges that the equipment I received from.the Tweede Kamer via Nardy Cramm was STOLEN.That is why I refused to settle for the money that they offered. Let’s all go to court.

Somehow Bosman and Van Raak believe they got away.

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