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Latest in the St Maarten Government Fall, Spin Time: Videos National Alliance Town Hall Meetings

The games have begun, it seems the only people prepared for this latest fall is myself and a few skeptical friends.

The blogs were reactivated one day before the government fell. It is more than just sxmgovernment, it’s also the ORIGINAL and ONLY St I am used to people like Hilbert Haar and Terrence Rey. They are both familiar with my work, that’s why they try to copy me but their panties are not big enough.

I am reactivating the St Maarten Elections blog today. I will post links here.

The Election groups are reactivated, the links will also be posted here.

The Election pages are active, and so are all social media sites.

Because everything is being done by phone things are a little bit slower when I can’t blog at 120 words per minute.

For the past month I have been installing the necessary equipment and diligently completing my courses.

I intend to be as heartless in dealing with the government as they are in dealing with us.

Fortunately it’s easy to despise these crooks in government, so this will be easy work for someone like me.

The below are the 3 videos from the National Alliance Town Hall Meeting.

Nothing but recycled crooks in government, even the fresh faces are corrupted before the voting even takes place.

The definition of insanity is repeating the same b.s. pattern over and over again but still expecting change, right? So why do you keep electing the same clowns and expecting something different?

The St Maarten voter recycles these dusty, crusty, old musty politicians like a cow chewing the same old cud, wondering why it tastes the same.

I apologize to Big Ray Helliger, because I said the same thing yesterday, but expressed myself profanely.

St Maarten voters are malnutritioned souls. Swallowing the same old political vomit and backwash, and wondering why they are not getting the nutritional benefits of a well balanced meal.

And it’s the plantation slaves who are suffering the most, who hate me the most.

This election, no doubt those bent over politicians will be sending their most ignorant goons to start fights with people like me. The people who asks the right questions.

This is not a blogging day, it is a vlogging day. When I find the time, I will let loose


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