Party For Progress: Nepotism in St Maarten. Generational incompetence and corruption in our Government

Who remembers that old drunken snake, Marcel Gumbs? Marcel Gumbs is our bloated corpse of an ex Prime Minister who had to be dragged kicking and screaming from office.

At the time, Prime Minister Marcel Gumbs, affectionately known as ‘The Suicidal Lunatic’ was advocating death to bloggers and encouraging anyone who criticized his putrid government to just “Kill themselves!”

Marcel Gumbs in his drunken rants as Prime Minister embarrassed himself and St Maarten internationally. The World was expecting the Prime Minister of St Maarten to be dignified and respectable, not some half dead lush Sarah dragged in to prop up government.

Marcel Gumbs, the pompous and rapidly aging politico then ran to the French Side to find work after he spent his tenure tarnishing his own reputation trying to attack BORN Dutch St Maarteners rather than concerning himself with the country he was born… FRENCH ST MARTIN.

No surprised to see the old vampire wrapped in the cloak of a new party.

All vampires need new faces and new blood so that they can pretend to be something different, so that they can pretend that they are the new face of change. They prop up their sprogs who have done NOTHING for St Maarten and call them party leader.

Then they nominate fresh faces to be destroyed as the mudfest begins.

Marcel Gumbs is a French ditchpig that was buried by the words from his own mouth and Blackened heart back in 2015.

Just like satanic Leroy de Weever started propping up his high-assed Tan-Tan niece Cornelius when he started catching karma…That bloated, drunken, decomposing old Bullfrog Marcel this elections, will be trying the same.

Old plantation mentality.

With New faces – don’t fall for it!

No disrespect to Marvio, Petrona and the Newbies, anything from Marcel’s quarters is corrupt and has a stench.

When government fell last week, was MS. Gumbs busy behind the scenes networking and establishing contacts for her new party? NOPE! As soon as government fell, I was forwarded the sales pitch from MR Gumbs..MARCEL!

The same corrupt, oldheads from back in the day that has St Maarten in a sewer right now, are propping up these so called ‘new’ politicians, their hand up their puppet asses, manipulating every word and move they make.

NOTE: As you can see, since my surgery, I’m a much kinder, gentler soul.

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