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New Video: St Maarteners Express Disgust At Latest Fall of Government & New Elections – Translated from Caribische Netwerk

PHILIPSBURG – “I doubt whether I will vote again. You can’t ask people to come running up and down. ”This week, Sint-Maarten told them to go to the polls again in November. What do they think about that?

“This is also part of a democracy. There are up and down movements, “says a pump operator. He is one of the few positive people on the street. Most people are angry, tired, disappointed. “Apparently there are no leaders here. People are mainly concerned with themselves and not with the interests of the residents. “

Whether a new government will be successful in the future is something that most people question. A few suggested that the Netherlands should intervene, since ‘apparently it just won’t work’.

Another believes that Sint Maarten should never have become autonomous. On the other hand, a woman states that there are enough Saint Martin people who want the best for the country. “There is a need for young, new sounds.”

“Young, new sounds are needed”

Most respondents still doubt whether they will vote. It depends on whether you can vote for new people. “Ironically, this will be the first time for me to vote,” says a young woman. “I started studying abroad a few years ago. It was very frustrating to follow in the media how the government fell over and over again. But they are still the same faces. If you keep arranging the same players, nothing will change. “

New parties excluded from elections
On Friday, September 27, a new party celebrates its founding: the Party of Progress (PFP). However, they – and any other new parties – cannot take part in the elections this year. The date on which parties can stand for election is 2 October; one of the requirements is that the batch has already been registered for six weeks.

“Not entirely neat”, says one of the interviewees. “Move the date back and let new parties decide for themselves whether or not to participate.”

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