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Athlete injured in Aruba, rushed to California for surgery

Andrés Hernández, the Caleño crossfit athlete who suffered a traffic accident this Friday in Aruba where he had traveled to participate in a competition, arrived in Cali at dawn this Sunday and was successfully operated on the multiple injuries he suffered.

According to Santiago Tobón, his friend and who has accompanied him since the time of the emergency, Andrés’ operation began at approximately 10 in the morning and extended for seven hours, due to the complexity of the surgical procedure.

“We were in a vehicle, we lost control, we turned and the vehicle fell on it. The spine and spinal cord were broken, several ribs were fractured and the lung was perforated. In Aruba, because it is an island, only small emergencies are attended They did not have the qualified personnel or the surgical instruments to assist them We talked to many companies and finally contacted one that got us a flight for 16 thousand dollars, which was paid with a loan made by Andrés’ family and the help that we have received from people, “Tobón detailed. Although ‘Kendo’, as the athlete is known, remains in the intensive care unit of a care center in the Valle del Cauca capital, his friend highlights the mental strength with which he has faced this difficult situation.

“Despite everything, he has been very optimistic. I have been with him every day and he is very hopeful and with faith, he believes that with the whole recovery process – which doctors say will be three years – he will be able to recover,” he says. The also crossfit athlete.

Santiago, who is grateful to those who helped them get the air ambulance in which Andres was transferred and expedite the operation of his friend this Sunday, reiterates the call to those who wish to support them with a recovery process that, he indicates, could have a Approximate value of 70 million pesos.

The mother of ‘Kendo’, Ana Milena Henao, said that her son managed to get out of surgery well and that despite his delicate state of health he remains optimistic.

Andrés’ family continues to ask for help. If you want to contribute you can donate to the Bancolombia savings account # 97237231507–y-fue-operado.html?amp=1

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