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The blogs are reactivated so you can bypass Facebook and go directly to sxmgovernment.com
Number #1 in St Maarten News. The days start at 3am to get the latest Dutch news, watch Parliament translate and transcribe to English.

6 hours later I am covering St Maarten or Curacao Parliament. The media often excludes Curacao, due to the language barrier, but Curacao and St Maarten are partners in crime, so right now the redu from Curacao hopi dushi.

The Dutch multilingual education really helps. Living in Holland the past few years have really improved my Dutch skills also. I translate about 8 languages and dialects no assistance. I am upgrading my Papiamentu, doing a course, and Dutch is very easy when you are forced to learn it age 5-6, and when it is your language of education. Papiamentu I understand, now I have to speak it with confidence.

The Dutch language skills were always there, and with the conflicts between Holland and the Dutch Caribbean right now, I’ve found my niche.

I can hibernate the blogs for years and come back as #1 in less than a week is because I rely on NO ONE. From creating the websites, syndication, seo, sso, front end, middle end, back end, translations, transcriptions, tracking down sources etc…etc..Living in Holland and having people hocking and spitting Dutch in my face on a daily basis also helped. The only media I collab with sometimes are other dissident bloggers, and the Daily Herald. People are pointing out that some of my articles are 24+ hours ahead of the Daily Herald.

Let me explain the St Maarten media Human-Centipede: If you read any articles at Bibi Shaw’s SMN News that are in any way intelligible, THAT’S either WILLIAM MARLIN writing the article himself, or force feeding Bibi the articles like that movie, “The Human-Centipede”.

Sxm Talks, same force fed sh*t, from the National Alliance. Sxm Talk only copies and pastes from a few sites and there is an obvious agenda. Sxm Talk also has NO ORIGINAL ARTICLES. So in the movie The Human Centipede, The National Alliance would lead, followed by SMN News, and drawing up the rear would be SXM Talks. Sxm Talks and SMN News, are both NATIONAL ALLIANCE Sh*t shovelers alá The Human Centipede.

On the other side of the spectrum you have the Daily Herald who use to be Theo loyalists, before he got arrested. Now their loyalty is to the Makambas, because, what did you expect from A South African Boer owned newspaper?



Hey Terrance, when you are not born with the intellect and foresight, you try to fake it, buy it, impersonate it.

Like the New Coca Cola you can imitate my formula, but it’s never quite right.

Hilbert Haar hiding out in Cambodia. That’s what you do if gambling is your life, but you’re a LOSER who owes EVERYBODY, and gets PAID by mafiosos like Corallo to write feel good stories about the casinos, or the politicians pay you for a hit job.

Hilbert and Co. Lowest,most base Bottom feeders.

When I arrived in Holland in 2015 my St Maarten News page and group had 15.000 members and likes combined. Now the 1 page has 40.000 followers and the 1 group 30.000 members. There are now 134 pages in the St Maarten News Network and over 100 groups. I have curated my own solid sources, so I am not a part of the St Maarten’s mainstream media ‘food chain’.

NOTE: My roof that was destroyed by hurricane Irma in 2017 is still unfinished. Kurt Ruan has been trying to force me to quit blogging in order to get assistance. I now realize people who like getting their prostate massaged are not afraid of prison. I will accomodate Kurt.

Because of Maricu Kurt at VROMI I am being denied assistance. Now, Kurt Ruan is trying to deny Paul Richardson like Peter denied Jesus. But Kurt is recorded stating that he was aware of Paul Richardson’s fraudulent scams but still gave him access to project funds, which he blew before he even got to people’s house.

I will wait for Holland to take over, before I launch official, legal action against Kurt and Paul. And when you LISTEN to the audio and READ the communications you will realize that these people are heartless enough to scam and defraud people who LOST EVERYTHING during IRMA.

I still don’t have electricity, running water, wifi, NO WINDOWS, DOORS..no assistance..


Yet, by 6 a.m each morning my blog is already in 500.000 inboxes and its reach is in the millions.

St Maarteners LOVE to point out when I make mistakes, but they never comment the million times I get it right.

If I were to be dependent, on these hyper-critical St Maarten CRABS, I would NEVER succeed. I would not get anything done.


So right now, new elections. I don’t have electricity or wifi….or equipment. I got a phone and data.

And as you can see, it is possible to shake up and break up the government with a 100 dollar Samsung, and $2.00 phone credit.

If this blog disgusts you…

Good!😘 Now you feel, exactly how I feel about St Maarten politics.

You and your lawyers can reach me@ Judith Roumou 721 556 8552. Whatsapp/phone. Email: judithroumou@gmail.com



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