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Arrests for being in possession of a stolen motorbike

The central dispatch directed the police patrol on Tuesday October 1st 2019 to an insurance company, where a man tried to insured a stolen motorbike. After a short investigation at the insurance company, the police became aware that the motorbike the suspect had in his possession was stolen some days ago. The suspect with the initials E.CV.P was immediately arrested for being in possession of stolen goods. The motorbike was also confiscated. The suspect was brought over to the police station for questioning.

During questioning of the suspect by the detective department it became clear that 2 other men were also involved in the fencing of the motorbike.

Later in the day, the men with initials R.C.C and V.E were summoned to the police station in Phillipsburg and were immediately arrested.

All suspects involved, are now being held for questioning. This detective department is still busy with this investigation.

The police department is warning the public about buying vehicles suspected of being stolen.

Police is reminding the public that :
• Any person being in possession of a stolen vehicle can be arrested and the vehicle confiscated.
• If it was reported stolen to the owner’s insurance company, they will likely recover the vehicle and return it to the owner.
• Chances are that You will not be able to recover this vehicle nor your money paid for it. So “Buyer beware”.

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