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How can I blog that Holland is wrong, when I know that they are right?

I don’t like the Holland Makambas, point blank. I was neutral about them, until I was forced to live among them, now I can’t stand them.

So, you must really be a piece of work for me to prefer the Dutch government over you.

Holland has been holding back roughly half a billion in hurricane repair aid, because they fear the Dutch St Maarten government, and their minions who will be entrusted with the money will pocket the funds. The Dutch believe this because it’s true. Looting the coffers is the only thing the St Maarten government is actually good at.

Not even counting the churches, charities, Red Cross etc…

So far the Dutch St Maarten government has rebuilt or repaired less than seven homes with what was supposed to be approx. 22 million Euros in funds.

I am not the only Irma victim being revictimized by these government con artists.

As much as the Dutch loathe the islands, they do more for us than the people who claim to love us….

Our government.

I have given enough chances.

I would love to be blogging about the new found maturity of our government since Irma. I would love to blog that our government has changed its evil ways, but they’ve gotten worse.

And who’s suffering?

This is the 2nd or 3rd election since Irma.

Idiots are out getting t-shirts and bumper stickers of their favorite party, but they don’t even have a roof yet.

St Maarten needs to be ready for the next hurricane.

If our own government won’t help us, then let the Dutch.

How far does your loyalty lie with a government who is willing to cannibalize its own people just to feed its greed?

The Pro-Independence Anti-Dutch will get mad at me. Come next hurricane, I guarantee you not one of those bitches will be checking on me.

I would love independence, but how is St Maarten going to accomplish that when they don’t know how not to eff up?

You want a government rotating in and out of prison, without a heart, without a conscience or a soul in charge of your wellbeing during a catastrophic crisis?

Those who forget the past are doomed to repeat it. You have already forgotten Irma.

I have not. I am still living it.

I was in Amsterdam running the blogs during Hurricane Irma. I was the ONLY St Maarten based news source up and running.

Following Irma, then Prime Minister William Marlin could NOT be found. Our leader could not be found, he was too busy covering for his son who was busted looting.

This is the backwash that you want to re-elect?

What you’re saying is that St Maarten needs an even bigger disaster for the people to wake up to this disaster of a government.

Dorian missed us by a few degrees and destroyed The Bahamas instead.

We are in Hurricane Alley.

We might not have to wait too long.

It’s going to take water hitting some people in their faces at 200 miles per hour for them to wake up.

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