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Kurt Ruan’s Partner in Crime Paul Richardson DJ Kiss just grabbed me to threaten me about the TRUTH!

Paul Richardson, who Kurt Ruan calls his cousin just physically grabbed me, to warn me to stop posting about the fact that head of VROMI Kurt Ruan gave him contracts from the United Nations. Paul Richardson, the convicted felon and con artist cannot beat the proof, so he wants to grab me to threaten me about the TRUTH. I am filing a police report, THEN I BLOGGING BOUT ALLADEM!

We have been victimized by Irma, then by VROMI using Paul, now Paul.Richardson has to make threats to keep me quiet about the scams Kurt Ruan was running through VROMI. Homosexual LOVE to abuse women, NEVER confront men

If I did not have the evidence, I would be quiet. Kurt has acknowledged on camera that he was aware of your criminal pass down Maho, yet he gave you contracts, why?

Why would batty boy Kurt do any favor for any man?

I was not going to blog today, but thank you Paul for getting me started. You can’t call me a liar, next time when you make your threats, let them know it’s NOT because I am lying, it’s the evidence.

Now pretend Kurt did not pay his way out of raping that boy.

Somehow all you believe if you pay enough money, or do enough damage the problem will go away.

1) Investigation into VROMI handling of Irma roofing contracts

2) Kurt Ruan awarding contracts to a know con artist felon, allowing them to revictimize Irma victims

3) The work began in November, still unfinished

4) They are liable for ALL DAMAGE INCURED BY ROOFERS.

5) Paul Richardson, DJ Kiss…monkey THINK they know which tree to climb…You and your so called cousin running scams, now you making threats. Keep adding to your crimes. Like I said people like you and Kurt seem to enjoy prison.

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