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Since November 2018 this has been going on

Okay, Kurt Ruan believes that by blocking and unfriending people, all communications disappear…


The only thing I have requested from VROMI since November

1) Finish what you started: The roof was started in November. This photo taken today. Not only is the roof unfinished but in danger of collapsing. Kurt Ruan and VROMI have known for almost a year. They have been stringing me along, begging me to not blog about it promising to finish. Then last month the roofer came. I recorded him saying Paul had not paid him enough to finish the job. Kurt showed up at the house, on surveillance camera he said that Paul had not told him of any issues. Paul then showed up and on camera stated that he had run out of money. This all happened almost a year after they started. Since November I have been living in danger of the roof collapsing, they’re getting drunk in bars.

2) Kurt admitted that he was aware of Paul’s reputation, but that he was doing a favor for a cousin.

3) They did so much damage. Took out the ceiling, but never replaced. Until the Red Cross came in March, you could step from the porch, hoist yourself directly into the house, into my bed through the gigantic gap left where the ceiling was removed. I live St Peters Main Road, anyone could have walked in, jumped over the wall and done anything to me. I am a 100 pound female who lives by herself and they know it.



) The inspectors came by and let me know that I was not the only person they had taken advantage of.

4) Kurt, realizing all of the damage done by Paul then washed his hands. I have THOUSANDS OF EMAILS, DM’S, Hours of video and audio. Hundreds of photos, dozens of witnesses. Since November I have BEGGED Kurt to do the right thing, now I’m done begging.

I will upload more and more all day.


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