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Helden soldier denies Curaçao cocaine smuggling allegations. His DNA is on 70kilo bags

The 33-year-old soldier from Helden, who is suspected of trying to import 70 kilos of cocaine from a naval base on Curaçao to the Netherlands, denies the charges.

This became apparent on Monday during a first court hearing against the soldier in Arnhem.

DNA on a bag with cocaine
The drugs were intercepted at the end of June in containers with dredger bales at the Parera marine base in Curaçao. A day later, the Limburg soldier was arrested in the Netherlands. His DNA was on a plastic bag with cocaine in one of the kit bags, the public prosecutor revealed on Monday. The military police – when the man in Curaçao was being watched – also saw a PGP telephone for encrypted telephone traffic in his personal locker.

The Public Prosecution Service is still conducting traces of drug packaging and investigating potential suppliers and the military’s spending pattern. According to the soldier’s lawyer, the DNA proves nothing. “The drugs were hidden in duffle bags, which contained items from my client but also from others. Others may have done that. According to my client, doors and cupboards on the base were often not locked, and access codes are known to many people.”

The lawyer wanted to go to the naval base with the judges to see for himself how easily everyone can reach everything, but the court rejected that. The court also found that there was no need for additional research into the extent to which the case had similarities with the drugs from Sint Maarten that soldiers found in Doorn in July 2018 in sixteen sports bags.

The case continues December 2.


Military suspected of cocaine smuggling from Curaçao

A 33-year-old soldier from Peel and Maas was arrested by the Royal Netherlands Marechaussee. The Limburger is suspected of cocaine smuggling from Curaçao.

The soldier was buoyed on Saturday, reports the Marechaussee on Facebook .

A day earlier a container with drugs was discovered in the Parera naval base. The container was ready to be transported to the Netherlands. After information about possible drug smuggling via military logistics lines, the Marechaussee arrived at the 33-year-old soldier from Peel and Maas.

Under the leadership of the Public Prosecution Service, the Royal Netherlands Marechaussee, together with the Public Prosecution Service of Curaçao, is conducting further criminal investigations into the seized party of drugs. The soldier is stuck. He will be brought before the examining magistrate on Wednesday.

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