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Growing Concerns About Synergy World Power’s Links To EnviroPower, The Company That Proposed The Waste-To-Energy Plant On St. Maarten

The CEO of the Florida-based company behind a proposed $2-billion liquid fuel production facilityfor Lewisporte says his company is founded on environmental principles.
Questions have been raised about the proposed facility that will convert plastics shipped in from Europe into liquid fuel. It’s since been learned that the company was behind similar facilities in Ireland, Scotland and Las Vegas that either never got started, or were rejected.

That’s created cause for some concern in this province, with the NDP seeking answers and urging due diligence.

Keith Hulbert is the CEO of Synergy World Power. He told VOCM Open Line with Paddy Daly that plastics from Europe are commonly exported to countries like China and Indonesia, and often burned in crude ways to produce electricity.

He says plastics are much more valuable for conversion into a diesel or gasoline-type product with a much lower sulfur content. That, he says, is better for the environment.

The town of Lewisporte is awaiting the results of the provincial environmental assessment process.

EnviroPower, a company linked to Synergy World Power, proposed a waste-to-energy plant on the Caribbean island of St. Maarten last year, based on a 30 year power purchase agreement with the island nation’s power utility.

Synergy World Power was previously registered in the UK, but applied to be struck from the register of companies and dissolved in June after being dormant for some time.

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