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Anguilla holds event during Festuris and St. Maarten follows with restructuring

BUENOS AIRES – Major markets in Latin America, Brazil and Argentina are sending more and more tourists to Anguilla and St. Maarten. The tourism promotion team participates in FIT 2019, one of the largest tourism fairs in Latin America, and visited the M&E booth on Tuesday (10). The highlight is the actions taken by destinations in the Brazilian market, such as the next Gramado Tourism Festival.

“We have been promoting our destination in Latin America since 2011, since Copa Airlines flew to St. Maarten, and from there we are in Anguilla by boat in 20 minutes. We participated in actions with operators, such as Abav, FIT and WTM-LA, and now we will hold a big event at Festuris in the new honeymoon and wedding area. Anguilla has always been a very important destination for this segment, a trend in Brazil, ”said Donna Banks, chairperson of Anguilla British Caribbean.

St. Marten, which also has Interamerican representation in Brazil, has been working directly with the Brazilian market since the creation of direct charter flights. In addition, there is still the open skies agreement with Brazil. “And by 2020 we will have 90% of all the island’s open infrastructure on the Dutch side for tourists. Another highlight is Ecotourism, which has been growing a lot in the destination, ”said Cherinah Franken of the St. Maarteen Marketing Office.

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