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Bosman Calls The Islands ‘Alcoholics’ While In Holland ‘Grandma’ Selling P*ssy Online For Meth And Opiates

I guess St Maarten is lucky to just have an alcohol problem. The meth and opiate epidemic is skyrocketing in Holland to the point where their mothers and grandmothers are selling themselves online to pay rent, or get their fix.

It is not unusual that André Bosman who along with his buddy Ronald Van Raak arranged for me to stay at a thiefing prostitutes house in Leeuwarden while I was in dire need of emergency medical care, would not see the irony in many of their statements.

Then they want to blame broken conveyor belts in Curacao for their drug problem when the majority of drugs ON EARTH comes through Schiphol and Rotterdam Harbor.

Holland is an embarassment to the European union because of their drug, hooker and money laundering problems.

Their suspected drug mule is now in hiding not because anyone is out to get her, but because she has been exposed.

Trust neither André nor Ronald. Those two crooked makambas like to play good cop bad cop.

I still have to thank Ronald for wiring me the money that his hooker in Leeuwarden stole…

But too little, too late.

Before Ronald and André went halves on the money their proud, admitted hooker stole from me, they slipped me an envelope with American cash at the Tweede Kamer in their office.

I still have the envelop.

Boy was I pissed when I found out I had to convert the money to Euros in order to spend it.

They slipped both of us envelopes that day.


They had the nerve to try to get me to come to the Tweede Kamer with the very same hooker who robbed me.

I REFUSED. They wanted me to pretend it never happened.

So I know them in real life, that’s why Dutch Parliament is so entertaining to me.

Ronald liked to visit the Leeuwarden prostitute house. And he still defending that bitch, so who knows what she has on him.

I bet she did the same to him as she did to her ex John who sued her.

As bad as things might get in St Maarten, we are not ruled by the Turks and Moroccans like in Rotterdam and Amsterdam.

When it comes to drugs, addiction, human trafficking, the Antilles could never top the Netherlands.

The disdain from the VVD comes from their own inferiority complex, and it’s just easier to bully the Antilles as the Syrians and Turks rule them in their own country.

When I got to Holland, I was shocked to learn that 60% of Hollanders are on anti depressants just to cope with day to day life.

Sullen, overweight, unhappy people.

Also…A clear sign of inbreeding is the lack of a chin.

Sitting through the Tweede Kamers arguments, I couldn’t help but notice that there was not one chin among the VVD members.

All you have to do is dab some shit between Bosman’s nose and lips and voilá… Hitler!

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