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Video Part 1 Today Wednesday October 9th 2019 SXM Press Briefing 1 of 4

This is the first 12 minutes of today’s press conference by the St Maarten government. There is 46+ minutes of footage. The St Maarten government is so busy preparing for their next disaster of a government, it’s obvious that they’ve forgotten that we are in the middle of a hurricane season. I wasted a lot of data watching and transcribing to English the Tweede Kamers hearing yesterday on the budget.

I decided to wait and see if the Daily Herald, Algemeen Dagblad, Trouw, Caribisch Netwerk etc etc would point out the BLATANT RACISM displayed in the Tweede Kamer chambers.

Only Caribisch Netwerk touched on it, but it was waaaay worse.

If I get the data I will upload the vids with English translations.

The disdain showed by those recessive gened VVD members. I killed so much data listening and relistening to make sure if what I was hearing was correct.

Machiel de Graaf started the session. He showed why it is so easy to despise these pricks.

He compared the islands to children, like we are not adults, but Holland’s kids. Holland cannot take care of her own kids in Europe, because she is the worst example of a ‘parent’. De Graaf wanted it to be clear that all Holland cares about when it comes to the reconstruction of St Maarten is that Holland gets the bedrijf contracts. That flaccid looking, balding excuse of a human made it crystal clear, the only thing that they cared about was getting their hands on the money. He said it was Hollands money, and Holland had to make the ‘maximum’ profit off of our suffering.

I will continue with the 2nd part of this under the next video Part 2 Parliament today.

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