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The VVD Partij In The Era Of Racial Superiority And Trump

Did anyone else see that that interview of Dutch Prime Minister Mark Rutte fawning over one of the most polarizing and racist Western leaders since Adolph Hitler?

You know there had to be someone waiting in the wings to wipe the orange crumbs from his face.

Trump emboldens racists. He is the voice of the non marginalized, privileged male who has everything, but still feels the Black or Brown man has more.

I watched the Parliamentary session and wondered how it was that people like Bosman and Van Graag could preach their Dutch superiority, and yet still have all that insecurity, about the little Caribbean islands. Let’s count this down…

1) Ronald Van Raak comes from the same chinless, inbred tribe as the members of the VVD. Ronald also, is lying, racist trash. The idea is to put on a show in Dutch Parliament, to pretend that they are not all the same narrow minded, inbred hicks. Their Parliament session was an hours long shit show. A comical farce with terrible actors.

2) The broken conveyor belts in Curacao did not make Holland the drug capital of the world. Holland is the drug and human trafficking capital of the EU because it is made up of overweight, depressed junkies and hookers and it attracts what its kind.

3) I was educated in the USA, so my first time in the Netherlands in my physical and psychological state was shocking. It was jarring. More than the terrible weather and horrible food. It was the fact that Holland appeared to be a modern Caliphate.

4) What would you do if you were a racist, but Angela Merkel opened the floodgates to Syrian refugees? You are already overrun by Turks and Moraccans. YOU are now the minority in your own country by a group you tried to conquer, a group you truly hate. There are millions of Muslims in the Netherlands, and they run the show. There aren’t millions of Antillians, but Antilians tend to be dark skinned minorities, with a tiny population, so lets marginalize them some more.

5) With the influx of Syrian refugees, Holland might have an even bigger problem than we do in the Caribbean. Amsterdam and Rotterdam is where you see all those Turkish pimps selling those African girls like wares on the street and on the train.

6) I was sick and forced to live in a shelter among Bosman and Van Raak’s people. Inbred junkies, who hand over their entire uitkering/welfare check to the shelter managers who are running and profiting from the racket.

7) Holland is that person who can’t get their act together, so they focus all of their time criticizing and judging you. They do so because back home the shoe’s on the other foot. In Europe, they wonder why Holland cannot get its money laundering, human and drug trafficking in check.

8) Rather than getting angry at the VVD for trying to be modern day Nazis…understand the psychology. Rather than getting upset take a good, long look at Bosman and Michiel de Graag. No chin, losing hair, aging like bananas in the fridge….then you understand their insecurity and their latent inferiority. They believe and preach that they are the ‘ideal’ race, the superior race, but the Lord gave them 4inches, and didn’t even bless them with a chin. They love tans, but everytime they try to soak color all they soak is skin cancer. That us where that envy and resentment come from. You were blessed with money and horrible genetics, but that’s just God’s sense of humor.

Those speakers in the Chambers are so bitter when discussing the islands, its almost like an island man stole their wife. But who would steal their fat, old, worn out wife?

We don’t want what they have. We have been through a disaster. When the sea reclaimed Holland decades ago, flooded them out and drowned hundreds, they were accepting help and donations from the same little islands that they loathe so.


Racist wannabe NAZIS like Michiel and Bosman need to realize with their colonial slavemaster mentality that slavery is OVER.

If the money is a loan then St Maarten owes the money not contracts to bargain basement, trash Makambas who have turned out to be more crooked and criminal than our government ever was.

The only thing shocking to me is that the makambas do waaay more dirt than any island government.

It’s funny watching Parliament sessions, knowing that what was done in darkness will come to light.

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