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Ssssarah Has Some Questions For Minister Weever

Question to Minister Wever: Why has the acting Head of Domain Affairs been stripped of his duties?

This letter has appeared on social media. Assuming that it is a legitimate letter, the immediate question would be: why has this action been taken against a young local professional? Given the ministry that is involved; the department in question and the civil servant (Peterson) who it regards, this question is even more pertinent, as the letter does not provide the slightest indication. The minister has to provide this explanation and promptly. Until then, it will be noted as the NA/USP/Mercelina/Brownbill’s first act of blatant political victimization.

The questions posed by MP Wescot to the Minister of VROMI:

I have learned that Mr. Raeyhon Peterson has been relieved of his duties as Acting Head of Domain Affairs in the Ministry of VROMI as per immediate.

Is this report accurate?
If it is, what has lead to this decision?
Is this a disciplinary measure?
Have you ascertained whether the proper procedures have been followed to relieve a civil servant of his/her duties?
Has the civil servant in question been heard?
Are there plans to act against any other civil servant in the ministry of VROMI in like manner?
If so, who is or are these?
What is the legal position of Mr. Peterson following your decision?

Please note that aforementioned questions will be formally channeled through the Chairperson of Parliament, making this an official request for answers by a member of parliament.

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