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Fugitive from Aruban prison released from Venezuelan jail just two days after killing cab driver in Venezuela

Franklin Rincón Galván, responsible for the death of a taxi driver in Cabudare after driving his speedy machito truck on La Montañita Avenue and alleged fugitive from justice in Aruba, was released under Precautionary Measure after being presented to the First Municipal Court of First Instance in Control Functions.

THE INFORMER was able to know that said sentence consists of a regime of presentation every 30 days before the court and that it was issued on Sunday, October 13.

The crime for which the subject named Franklin Rincon Galván was detained for just two days from the time of the accident until his release, is called Wrongful Death and despite the complaints made by relatives of the taxi driver who died in the accident, the sentence left him on freedom.

It was reported that Rincón Galván was held in Barquisimeto Military Hospital on the day of the collision but was later taken to the Police Station of Pata e ‘Palo on Libertador Avenue with Av. Carabobo, where he was held until his presentation before the courts.

The man is also said to have escaped from the Correctional Institute of Aruba, located in the town of San Nicolás, a prison in which characters such as former General Hugo Carvajal, former director of Military Intelligence in the country have been detained.

Without results

According to police sources close to the procedure of the accident in Cabudare, Rincón Galván was “checked” before the Police Information System (Sipol) by the Bolivarian National Police (PNB) but did not throw any type of national or international Interpol request, much less background criminals

For this reason, Galván was prosecuted as a common citizen and his family members were responsible for the release proceedings under presentation, as indicated by the court.

The case was apparently treated by the National Police and the Court as one more, although relatives indicated that the subject was involved in a leak in Aruba in 2014, where he was serving a sentence for homicide and drug trafficking.

So far, the reporter team of El Informador was able to confirm that the office of the International Criminal Police Organization (Interpol) in Lara state has also not received any order from the agencies that directly address the incident.

Zulia state

According to the citizen registry of Rincón Galván, the man would be originally from the Jesús María Semprún municipality of Zulia state, although witnesses of the accident that occurred on Friday, October 11 in Cabudare said that the man lives in a town planning near the accident.

They commented that the man told the traffic officers that he was going to carry some documents when he suffered the impact with the vehicle Kia Río Stylus, driven by Yekson Gil, the taxi driver who lost his life that day.

Immanuel De Sousa

Photos: Ángel Zambrano

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