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Ship Stopped In Aruban Waters With More Than Two Tons Of Cocaine Linked To Venezuelan Businessmen

The boat ‘Gracia’ was captured in the waters of Aruba and the officers confiscated the cargo of drugs that were transported by five Venezuelan citizens.
A group of military personnel patrolling the Caribbean waters confiscated a ship carrying just over two tons of cocaine in Aruba and would be linked to a company in Venezuela.
The boat ‘ Gracia ‘ was anchored in the Shipyard of Cartagena ( Colombia ) since last Thursday and obtained permission to navigate after a 40-year-old Venezuelan citizen presented the corresponding papers on behalf of the company Logistics Marítimo Corp Venezuela, as the reported whistle blower.
The firm had documents certified by the Autonomous Registry and Notaries Service (Saren).
Before embarking on their route, the ‘Grace’ went through all kinds of evaluations carried out by the Colombian military, who, despite using anti-drug dogs, found no evidence linking them to drug trafficking.
The ship was flying a Samoan flag and had five Venezuelan crew members, who arrived after their compatriot’s call.
“We believe that it was on the high seas that they loaded the drug, because they disappeared from the radar,” said one of those close to this case, the newspaper said.
Once in Aruban territory, the country’s law enforcement inspected the ship, where they found 2.2 tons of cocaine. The officers immediately seized the illegal substances and proceeded to arrest the navigators, who will be subjected to justice as the investigations are carried out.
For its part, the flow of drugs in Caribbean lands remains latent despite tensions between some of the countries that comprise it, such as Venezuela and Colombia.

Source: Le Republica

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