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What’s Really Going On In St Maarten? Two years after Irma, the island continues to rebuild and announces new projects.

Two years after the devastating passage of Irma, the island of St-Martin stands up, determined to recapture tourists and professionals with new projects.

Reconstruction work is progressing

“Everything is new in St-Martin, everything is beautiful”. Two years after the disaster of Irma, which had ravaged the island, the team of the Tourist Office of Saint-Martin took the optimistic party to resume its place on the tourist market. In fact, reconstruction work is progressing, although much remains to be done, and reconstruction is taking longer than expected . “There is still a lack of things, it takes time, explains the OT team. Some areas are impeccable, others are still under construction, but everything should be completed between 2020 and 2021. “Recall that the island was hit hard by Hurricane Irma, Category 5, and winds 350 km / h that had damaged 95% of the building.

It moves on the side of the hotels

Before the passage of Irma, the island had 1500 rooms. “For Christmas we will be at 1000,” says the OT team. Some institutions have already made their comeback. This is the case of Playa Orient Bay, which reopened last July. With 56 junior suites (all equipped with kitchenette), the hotel now has a Bedouin tent (70 covers) facing the sea, and a vintage food truck. Playa Orient Bay took advantage of this renovation to go upmarket, from 3 to 4 stars. In February, a new luxury hotel is expected, Secrets St Martin Resort and Spa will offer 258 suites of different sizes, opening onto a long pool. This adults-only hotel features a spa, infinity pool, beach, several restaurants and five bars. The stays will be offered in all inclusive.

Juliana Airport continues to rebuild

For now, one third of the terminal is reopened. Princess Juliana International Airport will be fully operational again in June. Note that the island is accessible by direct flight from Paris with Air France and Air Caraïbes. As of 13 January 2020, KLM will be offering a third weekly flight from Amsterdam.

From 19 to 21 May 2020 will be held the Smart event (Sint Maarten Annual Trade Show), where TOs and agencies from around the world are invited to participate in a workshop. The event, which stands as the hub will this year be held in the walls of the brand new Secret Hotel, which opens in February.

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