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Cruise passenger is branded a ‘moron’ for risking her life by clambering over a balcony railing to take a selfie on board Royal Caribbean ship 

A passenger on a cruise ship has been slammed for climbing over a balcony railing to get a better shot of herself in a swimsuit.

The woman was on board Royal Caribbean cruise ship Allure of the Seas when she put her life in danger for the sake of a photo above the ocean.

The stunt was in defiance of the Royal Caribbean’s guest conduct policy which bans ‘sitting, standing, laying or climbing on, over or across any exterior or interior railings’ of the ship.

The brazen woman was reportedly removed from the cruise when the ship docked at its next destination in Falmouth, Jamaica.

Peter Blosic, who was on the cruise, watched in disbelief as the woman climbed over the railings and onto a narrow balcony perch.

The photo shows the anonymous woman in a blue swimming costume facing the ocean with her arms outstretched.

‘What an absolute IDIOT. You cannot fall off of a ship unless you are acting like a moron!’ Blosic said.

He immediately informed guest services about the incident. ‘I showed the concierge. The staff captain then wanted to meet with me and get a copy of the photo,’ he said.

The cabin the woman was staying in was then tracked down and she was told to leave the cruise at the next port of call.

Cruceros Puerto Rico, a Facebook page for Puerto Rican cruises, later commented on the incident, saying: ‘People do such abnormal things, they not only put their lives in danger, but that of all those who would have to rescue them if they fell into the sea.’

The Royal Caribbean’s guest policy states that passengers who do not comply with the rules can be ‘removed from a ship at the next port of call.’

Under its ‘safe behavior’ section, the code of conduct states: ‘Sitting, standing, laying or climbing on, over or across any exterior or interior railings or other protective barriers, or tampering with ship’s equipment, facilities or systems designed for guest safety is not permitted.

‘Guests may not enter or access any area that is restricted and for the use of crew members. Any other unsafe behavior, including failure to follow security instructions, is not permitted.’

It comes two months after Australian entrepreneur Jonathan Pfahl died after he fell from a cruise ship in the Virgin Islands.

Mr Pfahl, 37, was on board the Royal Caribbean’s Symphony of the Seas and was believed to be celebrating his wife Lisa’s birthday when he plunged into the water between St Thomas and St Kitts in the early hours of the morning.

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