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Didier Pegard Missing Oyster Pond St Maarten

Since Saturday night, Didier Pegard has disappeared. This disappearance is considered disturbing by the gendarmerie services that call for witnesses. This is the track of suicide is examined since the 57-year-old man left a message in this sense on social networks. Since Saturday and despite the many searches, it remains untraceable.

The gendarmerie launches this evening a call to witness after the worrying disappearance of Didier Pegard, a 57 year old man residing in Oyster Pond, since Saturday. Research has been conducted since the alert with land, sea and air (using a drone). Important means put in place because there are suspicions of suicide. According to information provided by the gendarmerie, the individual reportedly expressed his desire to end his days on social networks for sentimental reasons after a “difficult break”. The concern of the police and residents of the neighborhood grew when the missing person’s car was found near his home in Oyster Pond, empty. The gendarmerie asks anyone with information on the subject to get closer to his services.

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