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Inmates Strike St Maarten Point Blanch Prison

POINTE BLANCHE–All inmates who are currently working in Pointe Blanche prison have decided to go on strike as of today, Wednesday, October 23.

It concerns detainees who are working in the kitchen, who are cleaning or doing other jobs within the prison’s confines.

The inmates are requesting an urgent meeting with the prison director to address their grievances, among which is the director’s denial to grant them the right to form an Inmates’ Association.

The prisoners also demand the justice system follow the recommendations of the Law Enforcement Council and the European Committee for the Prevention of Torture and Inhuman or Degrading Treatment of Punishment CPT pertaining to the alleviation of human-rights violations in prisonwas informed that the inmates are “fed up” with the situation inside Pointe Blanche prison and that they have decided to strike until the violations stop.

Inmates have a long list of complaints pertaining to the situation in prison, which include overcrowded cells, leaking rainwater, unhygienic conditions, pests, limited or no recreation, and unclear rules with regard to early release.

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