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Angry Aruban Justice Minister Wants Van Dam To Clarify Statement

ORANJESTAD – The motion and statements of CDA MP Chris van Dam so upset the Aruban minister of Justice that he has asked his Dutch colleague minister for an explanation.

“If this is the atmosphere that thrives in the Netherlands, we will not participate in the four-country judicial consultation in January,” Minister Andin Bikker also threatened.

In the motion, Dutch parliamentarian Van Dam states that Aruba and also Curaçao and St Maarten are too small to be able to do law enforcement itself. And that is why the Netherlands should be given more power over this. The vote on this motion has been postponed.

In an interview with Caribbean Network last Saturday, Van Dam argues why he believes that the Dutch Justice Minister should have more to say on the islands. That is the Aruban justice minister Bikker shot again in the wrong throat.

“It can unnecessarily damage our relationship and cooperation with the Netherlands” – Justice Minister Andin Bikker

Bikker criticized the Van Dam motion earlier this month in the Aruban media.
“The Netherlands also has its own challenges with crime that Amsterdam cannot control,” according to a recent report there. And with the two aldermen from The Hague who have resigned due to corruption suspicions. We therefore do not judge on the basis of these incidents and that justice of the Netherlands should better fall under the European Union. We respect their autonomy. “

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