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Former CFT Manus Twisk chairman of The Hague Court of Audit

Manus Twisk has been nominated as chairman of the Hague Court of Audit. The city council will vote on its appointment at a subsequent council meeting. Twisk succeeds Watze de Boer, whose six-year term ends on November 1, 2019.

Manus Twisk has nearly thirty years of experience in the public sector in the field of finance, control and operations. He held various positions at the Ministry of Finance and the municipalities of Rotterdam and Amsterdam. His most recent activities have been in the Caribbean since 2015 as secretary of the Financial Supervision Colleges in Curaçao, Sint Maarten, Aruba and BES islands.

In response to his nomination, Manus Twisk said: “I am committed to the Court of Auditors The Hague, which, with its independent judgments and recommendations, is an important support for the city council. My aim is to produce high-quality reports that are independent of the political issues of the day, but I also want to use the expertise of the Court of Audit to respond to current events. Where things are not going well, I hope that the city council will use the recommendations of the Court of Audit to improve the functioning of the municipality for citizens, institutions and companies in The Hague. “

Court of Audit The Hague

The members of the audit office judge the actions of the municipal administration. They do research and report the results to the city council. The Court of Audit decides on its own research program, but listens very carefully to the wishes of the city council.

The Court of Audit of the municipality of The Hague consists of three independent members. The staff supports the members in their duties.

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