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Jamaloodin to SDKK Prison

Willemstad – Jamaloodin will serve his sentence in the SDKK. This is reported by the Extra on the basis of anonymous sources. The former politician is serving a sentence of 28 years for provoking the murder of Helmin Wiels.

Almost immediately after his arrest, Jamaloodin was brought to Bonaire for his own safety and imprisoned there. It is not clear whether Jamaloodin himself asked for his transfer.


In response to this reporting, the Public Prosecution Service says that persons who have committed a criminal offense in Curaçao and who have also been convicted in Curaçao are serving their sentences there.

The same also applies to persons who are suspected of having committed a criminal offense here and are in pre-trial detention pending the hearing of their criminal case.

This may be waived if, due to safety reasons, placement in another institution within the Kingdom is deemed necessary.

It also applies to the Jamaloodin that he will be transferred to Curaçao and placed in a detention center on the island, when the situation permits.

The Public Prosecution Service cannot make any announcements about the moment at which this transfer can and will take place.

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