sint maarten news

The Audacity of Princess Stuart Johnson trying to steal Princess Maxima’s crown.


I target ALL politicians, therefore if I don’t target you, just because you happen to be gay, then THAT would be discrimination, so Stuart needs to pull up his big girl panties, cuz it’s gonna be a BUMPY ride.

1) Somebody needs to let Stuart know that he can be gay without fighting Maxima for her crown. He displays every negative, petty gay stereotype, then gets snippy if one dares point it out.

2) Stuart was obviously just pandering for a vote in the upcoming elections, so setting up Geerlings to look bad during election season was just collateral damage. Both of those queens are a ‘Sarah Wescot-Williams production’ so don’t waste your sympathy on those devils.

3) I like how Stuey looked the camera dead in the eye as he described his ‘integrity’😐

a) Integrity, Stuart means that you cannot harrass your male staff. Your offenses are particularly heinous because your targets are young, straight, chocolate bears. Being principal of an elementary school means that you worked at a very ‘rich target area’, for awhile.

b) A person of integrity, in a position of power e.g….the principal of an elementary school would NEVER purchase expensive gear for young male students, because that would seem quite inappropriate.

c) Stuey thinks that we have amnesia…A man of integrity would NEVER demand that a straight staff member, or any staff member sell his ass to Stuey, for a loan.

The answer is ‘yes’ or ‘no’ for a loan, what type of mental defect do you have? You fired a straight, male staff member who REFUSED to prostitute himself to you for a few EUROS!

d) Before you stare so confidently with those big, blue eyes into the camera, you KNOW more than one family member of your former students have complained about you buying your young students expensive gear, some are even insinuating that you turned some of your male students out. And you knew this, you were aware of this in 2016 when I called you out. Rather than answering the allegations, you did a ‘Kevin Spacey’ on me. You posted a video about your sexual preference -you came out of your glass closet, because EVERYBODY knew that you are gay- and accused me of homophobia. Something is very worrying when a former elementary school teacher CANNOT distinguish between a homophobe and a PEDOPHOBE!

So let me be fair to you. Pedophile is not the correct word. Your movements appear to be more those of a predatorial ephebophile than those of an actual pedophile.


4) St Maarten people need to stop allowing politicians to manipulate them like idiots. Had there not been an election right around the corner, Stuey would not be pretending to care about you right now! Stuart would have been on one of his cruises, making arrangements for MORE cruises… anything to live his life without having to deal with nosey St Maarteners in his business.

5) Stuart was trying to use fake concern for us as a platform to launch his 2020 election campaign. I intend to call out every politician this season who wants to get on camera to try to bullshit us.

6) You want to be treated equally, but you are too thin skinned for criticism, well…maybe politics is NOT for you.

7) Now run to the Prosecutor screaming ‘homophobia’ and ‘discrimination’.

I loathe ALL people of ALL races and sexually preferences EQUALLY’.

Calypso Baker cooking Locaray

I will do my stew.

It will be a fatty, caloric dish featuring Frans Richardson and his gang of vegetables.

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