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Updated Videos: 14 year old stabbed in St Peters by St Maarten Academy Laquan

This is all the video. There were complaints last time about the shooting video. I do not watch those videos, so I am not the person to complain to. According to eyewitnesses Laquan was stabbed. Police are all over St Peters. I am uploading videos click back here. NOTHING HAS BEEN VERIFIED. I interviewed students who were eyewitnesses. I recorded the video after the scene. I am awaiting the police report as I upload more video, but this is the internet, not the Gospel.

This video doesn’t exist

Upload is slow because it recorded above 1000. The police continue to patrol the St Peters area. And as they say..”THE SCHOOL CHILDREN KNOW”

I am posting as much video as I can. Also working on processing video from French St Martin protest. It looks like they will riot.

I have Dutch Parliament and some local government coming up. I will continue to post videos, photos info below. As stated. I shoot the video, until the police comes out with an official statement, nothing is verified everything is heresay.

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