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Venezuelan Crisis expected to be largest refugee crisis on earth, surpassing even Syria


A donation of some € 120 million has been made to help people forced to flee Venezuela in a serious political and economic crisis at an international conference in Brussels on Tuesday.

Federica Mogherini, High Representative of the Union for Foreign Affairs and Security Policy, welcomed the result, saying it was particularly noteworthy in the light of the fact that it was not a donor conference. Among other things

The United States, Great Britain, Italy and Spain have also made offerings. He said he would add EUR 30 million to the European Commission in the coming days.

However, he warned the international community that the situation in Venezuela should not be forgotten.

“This is the best we can do. If we spent a little more on dealing with the Syrian or other migration crises right from the start, not only could we have saved lives, but it would have cost less,” he pointed out.

The United Nations has requested $ 738 million for the crisis this year, far short of the funds so far.
“The international community can no longer apologize for not knowing the situation,” said Antonio Vitorino, Director-General of the International Organization for Migration (IOM).

The EU and its Member States have so far mobilized EUR 320 million to support the crisis.

The conference was attended by some 120 delegations, many European and Latin American states, but also several international financial institutions and NGOs.

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